May 6th, 2009

научпоп, атом

Snow Queens Chalet

First time I was in this abandoned mine in march (photos you can see in my blog or in this community). In that first visit I saw majority of interesting places of mine except one most beautiful - Snow Queens Chalet (SQC). SQC is the snow cawe, formed in result of drift collapse. Several dayes ago I returned to this mine specially for the SQC...

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Dieweg, an abandoned cemetery

The Dieweg cemetery (Brussels) is not used anymore since about 50 years.
Since most of the people that are supposed to maintain the graves and tombs are now dead themselves, nature has taken over the place.
The paths are still maintained, so that it's easy to walk among the graves.
From the dates on the tombs, it seems that most burials took place between 1900 and 1930. That means lots of Jugendstil and Art Déco.
The flora is quite unique: a combination of local plants and whatever was planted on the tombs. This makes that the view is always green, even in winter: lots of ivy and cypress.
An impressive place.

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