May 12th, 2009

Portland, Maine: Bingo hall flea market skate park thing.

Hallo! How is everyone? I'm just sitting her listening to Voltaire and feeling a sense of urgency and excitement as I scan hungrily through the That's My Dump! archives, a monthly article posted in The Bollard here in Portland, Maine. After I was done showing a fellow community member around yesterday, I found that they featured the place we had just been in this month's issue.

I am compelled to visit all these places now! Here are a few pictures from about a month ago. It's way more beautiful and interesting and multi-layered than these few offer. My friend was looking for graffiti so not too much focus on other things. I fell through the floor in this place last week! Anyway, I'll have more photos soon if there is a desire from the community for them.

Oh and it's important to note that there are, in my opinion, some inaccuracies with the article. Like...there is a skate park in use that has been re-built by skaters in the area from recycled stuff.

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