May 14th, 2009

RCAF Aerodrome Vulcan

From Wikipedia:

RCAF Station Vulcan, more properly called RCAF Aerodrome Vulcan, was a Second World War flying training station located southwest of the town of Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. It was one station of many that were established in Canada under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

The Vulcan aerodrome was officially opened on October 30, 1942 and hosted No. 2 Flying Instructor School (FIS), which had moved to Vulcan from Claresholm. The aircraft used were Cornells, Cranes, Fawns, Finches, Harvards, Oxfords, Tiger Moths and Ansons. In April 1943, No. 2 FIS moved to the Pearce aerodrome near Fort Macleod and No. 19 Service Flying Training School (SFTS) took over the facilities, training future bomber pilots using the Anson. The Vulcan station closed on April 14, 1945.

Although the runways still exist, the aerodrome is no longer a functioning airport. As of 2007, six of the original seven hangars remain standing. The remaining hangars are used for storage and for private industrial purposes.

Vulcan Aerodrome

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Rockwell State Center...

This is a partially active hospital campus. Most of the buildings are now abandoned and many others recently became vacant. A year and a half ago some employees basically beat a patient to death claiming he attacked them. The patient had no history of violence at all. This incident raised many questions and the Governor decided to close the facility down in 18 months. As of right now we are at 17 months. So if things go as planned this place will be closed in a month. There was a big fire here about 2-3 months ago. People expected them to increase security because of that but it never happened. Most of the time this place is a ghost town. Most people around here consider this place to be an old whore. However since the decrease in employee activity some of the harder to get to buildings have now become easily accessible. All of the ones in these photos are right next to the main active building. We never saw a single person. Around noon we spotted a security Ford driving around the abandoned area. We weren't sure if someone had told him he saw us or what. He just passed through and drove away but at that point we thought it was best to leave. I was going to make this 2 sets but I'm just a little short on pictures to warrant that so I am doing one big one.

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