May 22nd, 2009

And the Wind Began to Howl

If there was ever a place for a zombie attack, it would be here, the whole town of Holtyre had this spirit of decay about it. Well no surprising, the Ross Mine, which started in 1934 had shut down 11 years prior to my arrival.

They just closed the doors and walked out...leaving everything.

Stuff of Nightmares

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Centralia, PA

I'm currently planning a trip up to Centralia ("the closest thing to Hell on Earth"), and not remembering having seen anything here since I've been here about anyone going there or pictures from, I was wondering if anyone's been and have any advice or "must see" spots of interest?

(And if you've never heard of Centralia, it's interesting to read about. Max population of 1100, now a population of 9, with the town being bought out by the state of PA in 1991, and the USPS deactivating their zip code in 2002)