May 23rd, 2009

Rockefeller Estate at Overhills,NC

There seems to be quite a bit of historical, abandoned places here Ft Bragg, NC where my husband is stationed. The other day the husband & a friend went mudding in an area pretty much in the middle of nowhere. After he got home & told me what they had found, I knew I had to go down there with him at least once. After going down there we found out that it was an old town called Overhills. The history stretches from 1901-1997 & goes from being owned by a Liverpool ship owner, to being the estate of Percy Avery Rockefeller, & is now owned by the US Government. In this post I will only include photos of the Rockefeller Estate itself. However, I will post again shortly, in the days to come, with photos of the other buildings found on the property. Collapse )