May 27th, 2009

Mine - Stone Angel wings

Retaining wall on the border of Lake Superior

As a kid one of my favorite vacations with my family with the yearly trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit my Grandmother's cottage and spend a week relaxing and having a good time. In August of 2007 I went back there for an immediate family reunion (since I now live in Florida) and decided to take a walk down the beach with my camera. What I found buried in the sand was amazing. Because of the effects of erosion a lot of man made items were pushed down the small cliff to the beach to keep the ground from eroding away.

Also, behind my great-uncle's barn were a few remnants from a time when fishing on Lake Superior was a livelihood.


Boat winch 3Engine parts on the beach 2Aqua car in retaining wall of Lake Superior

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the ghost


The basic history of the place can be found here, which is how I found out about it in the first place. I was about to head on a road trip from Orlando to Maryland, and was looking for interesting places to stop along the way (I might do South of the Border in a separate post, as in many ways that is sadly becoming an abandoned place)

Sadly, even though the signs professed otherwise, the place was closed when we got there, possibly due to flooding, as it looked like many of the footpaths were under water. We could still see a couple of the dinosaurs and some of the park through the fence though, so I did the best I could with pics with my small Casio and crappy zoom. Had it been open, I could have gotten lost in here for hours; it was absolutely beautiful.

This is one of the dinos we saw. It looked headless at first, but we finally found an angle where we could see the head. A strange monument out of time, especially with the vegetation -

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Burger King, Main St. West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (Eh!)

Greetings, please be gentle it's my first post here. ;)

I was in the area today of something that was the subject of a news story back in Autumn 2007, here is the link for more details though they pale in comparison to experiences detailed by former employees over the years (yes, a little bit of personal experience there almost a year (whoops) decade ago ;) ).

Long story short it was a terribly run franchise that corporate swooped in and shut down 4 of them in Hamilton around August 2007 - these photos were taken this morning.

[ click photo for larger size ]
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