May 29th, 2009


Psychiatric Hospital

We had a scouting trip here planned that kind of got combined with the Juvie trip into an all day explore. This is a mainly active campus with all of the abandoned stuff on the outskirts of the active facilities. There must be abandoned 20 buildings on this campus and we found only 1 open door. I have never seen an abandoned hospital taken such good care of. There are hardly any broken windows, the insides have been cleaned out (no personal records) and nothing (wheel chairs etc) has been left inside to waste. It was an explorer's nightmare. I think we spent like 3-4 hours at this place walking around, it is huge. We theorized that access may be gained from underground tunnels. We found some kind of loose grate that led to a access tunnel for telephone lines and water and went down that. It was hundreds of feet long but at the points where the buildings were there were just piles of dirt. I took a video of that part since pictures would be pointless. But I am behind on videos so I will post that at a later time. We did find an open window that was low enough to climb but it was kind of folded down inside as opposed to slid upward. We were kind of afraid that when we stood or climbed on the glass it might break and cut us to hell. However in retrospect I wish I would have tried it.

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