June 10th, 2009


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Tocks Island, located upstream from Delaware Water Gap in the Delaware River was the controversial site of a dam, proposed in the 1950s, which would have created a 37 mile long lake between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with depths of up to 140 feet. Although the dam was never built, 72,000 acres of land were acquired, which became the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

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S-A Paper Co.

Late in the week I got word from one of my sources that a very good but well sealed spot had opened up north. The window of opportunity would be small so we decided to change our weekly exploring plans and headed up north. Unfortunately when we arrived it looked like the game was over before it started. But more details on that later. We decided to wait that place out and go driving around to try and find some other spots. We passed many old buildings but they turned out not to be abandoned or were too well sealed. We finally turned down a road and spotted this place. It was pure luck because I'm later told this is one of the only places in town that is doable. That was good to know because we had no idea this existed when we found it. So luck was on our side this day. After trying to get into a building on the other side we decided we didn't feel like falling to our deaths and went to this side instead. We jumped the fence and headed around back. It didn't look good at first because all the doors were sealed and chained. However then I noticed a massive hole in the building that had been covered with a giant piece of plywood that was about to topple over under it's own weight. We were able to squeeze past that and we were inside...

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Scariest Places On Earth...

 There's an interesting little section on UrbEx on 'Scariest Places On Earth' tonight...they wouldn't disclose the location of the sanitarium other than that it's in New England somewhere...

anyone else catch it?

did anyone recognize the building?