June 11th, 2009

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Abandoned Places: Madison, AL Wander – April 09

In late April, between the many storms that hit the region, we went out on several wanders to see what we could. Along a major thoroughfare were several sites points out to us by friends so off we went.

Carpet Warehouse
Before even leaving Huntsville, we stopped off at a former retail carpet warehouse. Business was slow, so they let us wander around.

Shopping anyone?..

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I stumbled across this site this morning and thought people here might be interested:


I think my favorites are Northampton (asylum), Farmhouse, Orphanage, and Tahawus (mine).  I'd start there first. Not all of the photographs are striking, but many are, and it's generally just neat to see the places.


Faultless - Central Nevada Test Site

This is the top ten feet of a 3200 foot pipe, at the bottom they detonated a 1 megaton nuclear device. When the dust settled the bottom several hundreds of feet were gone, the ground had slumped ten feet and left this sandy crater. They didn't test here again because the ground wasn't as strong as expected.

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Manhattan, NV.

The Nye and Ormsby County Bank branch in Manhattan, NV was built in 1906. Unfortunately that was the same year as the big quake in San Francisco and the funds for developing the area dried up... so it closed in 1907.

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