June 12th, 2009

Mine your Own Business

The Kanichee Mine in Temagami Ontario is located at the end of a very long road. I'm really surprised that my car (A '98 Cavalier 4-dr.) made the trip, a lot of help from my passengers (Lexi, Brind, and Trains) guided me through some of the tougher spots. But after the long drive we arrived at Kanichee.

The mine itself was pretty cool in the sense of it's age. The silos were made of wood, like barrels staves were placed and held together with wire bracing.


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Currant, NV

You'll often hear that US 50 is the lonliest highway in America, but that's complete BS. US 6 doesn't get a tenth of the traffic that 50 does. While we were taking these pictures only one car passed by in more than half an hour. On 50 there's a car every few minutes. I first drove this way in 2005 and probably passed three other cars between Ely and Tonopah. That's 172 miles. There are very few motorcycles on this road, I have only ever seen them in company with other vehicles, the gas stations are too far apart. Currant used to provide a stepping stone near the half way point, but the owners closed up in the late 90s and never came back. Year after year nothing changes, I don't have a picture but there's the dried up remains of a final meal still sitting on one table. Not even bugs and animals have disturbed this place.

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So I heard on the radio about a guy who wrote a book about Fordlandia. Apparently Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, decided that he wanted to create a rubber plantation in Brazil. He created his own American Utopia in the Amazon rain forest named Fordlandia. It had movie theatres, ice cream parlours and dance halls. A state of the art hospital even. There was somewhere around 5000 people living there at one time. Most of them were indigenous to the area. It finally collapsed due to various reasons including social as he tried to impose the "American dream" on the locals and they rebelled.

Below are a couple of links I found but there isn't much on it out there. Anybody else hear about this? Know where I can see more pics? I'm so intrigued!!