June 21st, 2009

South Fremantle Power Station

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On Sunday 21st June, Jethro and I made our first foray into this amazing building. We plan to return as the building also houses several below-ground levels.

Since it's closure, the site has earned a somewhat dark reputation. Before Western Power removed the internal stairways, the site was a hotspot for suicides (People would climb to the top of the 5 storey complex and jump). 4 murders have also taken place in the lower levels of the building.


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sanctioned semi-abandoned semi-exploration

Founder's Hall at Girard Collegewas designed by Thomas Ustick Walter who also designed the Capitol's dome. When it was completed in 1847 it was the second most expensive building in the country, next to the Capitol itself. The building originally housed classes, but proved incredibly noisy and impossible to effectively heat due to the soaring 25 foot domed ceilings. While the building itself is still in use (you can take free tours), these rooms on the third floor, never before open to the public, have been virtually abandoned for decades. However, the top floor was opened as part of Philadelphia's Hidden City art festival which "brings Philadelphia’s best unknown historical and architectural landmarks back to life through original works of art." I've always wanted to see the inside of this building so I jumped at the chance to go last weekend.

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There is still one weekend left to see this incredible building (and some cool art) if you're in the Philly area. I HIGHLY recommend it!! And it's FREE!!!
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Santa Lucias Ghost Mines

The following are a few photos from the Misplaced Places expedition to the Lost City of the Santa Lucias and the Los Burros mines in South Monterey County, California. Manchester, the Lost City, was a small gold mining town of 350 or so people in the late 1800s. Although some gold was found, the extraction was never enough to make anyone's fortune and the town eventually failed. Sometime in the 1970s the last standing buildings were razed to the ground in the Los Padres fire, but a few foundations and the cemetery are still out there, somewhere in the brush.

The mine shafts and equipment are plentiful in the hills, although finding them can be difficult as they're mostly very overgrown. There are still some folks working hobby claims in the hills as well; we didn't disturb them. Although we never did find the remains of Manchester, or it's lost graveyard, considering the density of the manzanita, madrone and poison oak, I suspect no one ever shall.

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