June 27th, 2009

Tat Bank Canal

As part of my ongoing project of visiting the more obscure (and abandoned) parts of the Birmingham Canal Navigations system I visited the Tat Bank Branch this week.
The canal leaves the Titford canal at the Titford Pumphouse and the first part of the canal is used for moorings. The rest of the canal is unnavigable. The first part of the unnavigable section is still in water but has no accessible towpath; the second part is dry and has been sealed off with a dam. 
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Abandoned Carpet Store

I stumbled across this while on a bike ride yesterday. I decided against going inside, considering that it would involve scaling a fence near a functioning warehouse . . . while wearing a neon green shirt. Not the most subtle move. I did, however, snap a few exterior shots with my camera phone.


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Megatron's Revenge

No doubt half of America will have seen Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen by the end of this weekend. You might recognize this place in the scene where Megatron reappears and tries to have "the doctor" get the images out of Sam's head. Then a ton of robots show up and smash this place to hell. Thank god it was only CGI. These pictures are from last August, about 1-2 months after filming wrapped up here. I went back and tweaked them a little to remove any blue haze. My post-process on these is atrocious and if I had time I would go back and redo them all. I actually asked people if they wanted to go here with me this weekend and if you can believe it not a single person wanted to go/or had the free time. Maybe next week.

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Just a hello and introduction~

I'm fairly new to this community but not quite to this pasttime. Just thought I would introduce myself and offer the collection of (199) some-odd photos of my explorations. I live in Muskego, WI; Wisconsin is pretty well known, I think, for it's farming community and all that boring stuff.

I've really only explored a few abandoned factories, some houses, and there's a few I haven't uploaded yet but there are a few roadside places we've dipped into as well.

Hoping to visit some places in IL soon, I have friends down there that are interested and it would be a fun day trip. Malls, hospitals, schools - It'll be exciting!

Uh, I don't consider myself a photographer but I love taking these pictures.

Something I've always done is looked through people's galleries online (deviantART or otherwise) and have seen pictures of abandoned places like this and have just... wished I could do smething like that. It's an awesome feeling to go to my own gallery and just marvel at where I've been.

I won't be the first to admit I'm a little shy...! So please be gentle with me until I'm used to this whole community thing.

I haven't been exploring for a while ((it's been far too hot)) but I update my urban exploring deviantart the night of, or morning after the exploration. I suppose I will start updating here, too!

Here it is! www.biomedic.deviantart.com I hope you enjoy them. :3

For those interested - and I know it's on every deviation - these are the camera specs:

Make: Panasonic
Model: DMC-LS80
Shutter Speed: 10/6400 second
F Number: F/3.0
Focal Length: 7 mm
ISO Speed: 100

abandoned shipyard

abandoned shipyard.
under the cut you will find 2 sets of pics: color and b/w. plus - a really huge 360 panoramic shot.

корабельное кладбище.
под катом 2 сета картинок: в цвете и в ч/б, плюс крупная круговая панорама.

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South Fremantle Power Station - The Second Visit

Post by: Shirtninja

Exploiting a break in the rough weather, Jethro and I returned to South Fremantle Power Station today. We only made a brief foray into the tunnels as we had some guests with us. A lovely couple from Singapore we met outside the facility. They wanted to go in but didn't know how, so we led them around. Thier excitement was certainly infectious, but as they had inadequate gear with them we had to keep reigning them in some.
fun = good, safety = better

Stay tuned for a return to the tunnels

We made a few new discoveries this trip though. We found a way to get into a large cable run, which gave us some incredible views of the main floor. I also took some additional photos of the seawater cooling pools within the building, after all this time, they are still tidal. I am hoping one day we can get to the site at high tide, I would say that the cooling ponds outside and inside would be full to the brim and it should be spectacular.

Due to the favourable response last time, we have taken even more photos of that famous staircase.


Rest assured folks, we aren't just one-trick ponies, we will be presenting other sites
(As soon as we can kick the addiction to this one)

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Woodman Point Munitions Facility

After our stint at South Perth Power Station, Jethro and I investigated this former military logistics site. The facility covers quite a large area and is designated a national park now. Old growth Tuart trees and mallee scrub now dominate the area and some of the bunkers are almost invisble now.


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