June 28th, 2009

Missile Silo

I heard about this place simply by googling "abandoned places near _______".  Sometimes the simplest question is the best one.

Anyway, during the Cold War, the military build a missile silo out in Northern Virginia.  Since they no longer need it, the land has been converted into a public park.  What's most perplexing about the whole thing is the park service's confusion over whether or not they want people near the abandoned buildings.  The building are in a fenced off section of the park, some areas have barbed wire, and all the gates are locked.  On the other hand, there are picnic benches and trash cans within the fenced-in area, and despite attempting to lock up the area, the lock on the main gate was not fastened.


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A note on photographing your favorite abandoned places.

Since joining this great community I've been thinking of all the sweet places I know of to get back to for contributions. The problem I'm finding is that THEY'RE NO LONGER ABANDONED! Take your shoots while you can.

Even my post back in March on the Triple Whipple Truss bridge is no longer the cool abandoned place it was when I took those shots a couple years ago. They've made it into a silly sterile park! *sigh* At least it'll be around a lot longer this way.

Walton County, FL

I know video clips aren't traditional in this community but my camera batteries died on me!

My boyfriend and I went exploring in Walton County, FL (near Eglin Air Force base)... drove down a main road for miles and just went abandoned house hunting. We found 3 or 4. One is especially interesting but we had to shoot it using night vision. It was way too dark and the focus was giving us trouble. Pardon the shakiness in some parts of the clips, namely when I am filming ;)

Included are also a couple of pictures of an abandoned horse stable in Niceville, FL.

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