June 29th, 2009

Roney's Point Hospital

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Hi abandonedplaces,
You might remember I posted these back in 2006. A few days ago I was googling and found my photos posted on WVParanormalSociety.com. The director of the WV Paranormal Society, Dave Bieniek, claimed he took them. I know the photos are mine because one of them even shows my boyfriend in the photo.

After posting on the forum, he removed my post and posted to his community saying that I was using their photos and that I even had the "audacity to claim that these pictures were stolen by our membership."

His post with my photos: http://www.wvparanormalsociety.com/board/thread50.html
His defense: http://www.wvparanormalsociety.com/board/thread464.html

Sorry for the repeat post, but it makes me mad when people steal the photos that we worked hard to get.

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Hello Old Friend

Reaching back into the archives on this one. This is one of the last standing buildings of the once massive Inglis complex in Toronto's "Liberty Village" district. I only got to see this place once, it's since been torn down to make room for...you guessed it....condos. It's a giant pit.

First Look

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