July 2nd, 2009

Abandoned Brick Kilns

There's an abandoned brick factory very close to my house that I've been meaning to explore for some time now. It's smack bang in the middle of a new housing estate but it's protected under the National Trust so it's not going anywhere any time soon, but it's also extremely close to one of the largest police stations in the state so I've always been somewhat hesitant to wander in. I finally plucked up the courage not too long ago.


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Inside Neverland Ranch

While there has been posts before on Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, this is the first set that I have found that is solely based on the rides and the exterior of the mansion itself. These pictures were taken when the rides and statues were still there, and the surreal feeling of the now abandoned Neverland Ranch creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Here is the link to the website. While quite a few of the pictures are posted on the website, there are quite a few more on his Flickr album.

All credit goes to Jonathan Haeber of terrastories.com.
fritz, lang

Abandoned Toy Factory.

At least that's what we thought it was. When we did more looking there was evidence that an interior design company used part of the building for some time.

EDIT: My urban spelunking companion is a bit concerned about being seen on the internet participating in such activities, so I have temporarily blocked her out until she has had a chance to review the photos to see that she is sufficiently difficult to identify.

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