July 3rd, 2009

Sweet. (by verymandy)

Arson Torches Sanger Ave. Grade School 1930

In October, an arson torched a nearby abandoned place. It was a beautiful old building that my husband and I have wondered about for years. Why is it was abandoned? We would always dream about buying the property and making a house out of it a la HGTV's reZoned.

Here is the article in our local paper about the fire. Scroll down to the multi-media section and look at the slide show. There are pictures of the building before the fire and during the fire.

Today my sister and I parked near the building and walked around it to take pictures. However, the city has put up a fence around the structure. We were trying to sneak through the fence when a neighbor man told us to keep out. We were scared that we were going to get in trouble, so I stuck my lens through the chain link fence to take the pictures. They have put steal support beams all around the building so it won't fall down. The building is way beyond saving though. It is practically hollow, and you can see down to the basement. I know they are going to have to tear it down, which is sad.

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Taken for a ride

First post

Good People,

I love this community, but I'm mostly a lurker. I'm not really an arty photographer and I wuss out when it comes to venturing into abandoned buildings.

But I got some pics today that I hope some of our Michigan people may find deep.

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