July 8th, 2009

Back to Camp

Last time I was I visted the former POW camp in Bommanville myself and the rest of the group were greeted by..

yes, the fire department, police, and security and we were turned away...

Being a history buff, and Camp 30 being a signifigant piece of Canadian History I have been wanting to go back for awhile. This past Saturday was my chance!

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Visiting Ohio...

Ohio, part of the area affectionately known as the "Rust Belt"... soooo many abandoned buildings, and in some cases, almost entire towns. Being a family vacation, I wasn't able to full explore as mush as I wanted to. But here's some of what I was able to see. I never went inside any of the properties, or trespassed on any land that was not public accessible.

An old barn...

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