July 9th, 2009

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Abandoned Places – Madison Wander (Apr 09)

In late April, between the many storms that hit the region, we went out on several wanders to see what we could. Along a major thoroughfare were several sites points out to us by friends so off we went.

The Farm
After wandering through the overgrown and virtual gardens that was the yard of the farm, we wandered into the open and almost welcome interior of the farmhouse. Though recessed and barely visible from the road, the house had major signs of wear and tear. In addition the house showed signed of nearly haphazard expansion over the years.

The front porch area

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Abandoned in the SOuth

Found this place near my house in Harvest. It has several outbuildings. Last time I was there I was harassed by....yes this is really true...a BUZZARD who was roosting in the building. I never knew buzzards could growl and smell like death. There are more pics in the scrapbook

Abandoned Castle

And so it amazes with the beauty and grandeur... Inside, to a word speaking, also it is smart... Chandeliers, woodcarving, tiles on fireplaces, and simply tremendous object. One of the most beautiful.... PS very much it would not be desirable to promote popularity of object... As it is valid - our memory!
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