July 16th, 2009



This placed used to be the location of Bainbridge Naval Training Center. Bainbridge NTC was in operation from WWII until the 1970s. There used to be over 500 buildings at this site. Once the military abandoned the place they must have went and destroyed all the evidence. The only buildings left on this site were the ones taken over by the Job Corp. We visited 3 out of 4 of those buildings. One of them had no windows so it was too dark for pictures so we skipped that one. There are some other little buildings showing up on a google map but they are literally a half mile away and probably wasn't worth even trying to see them. This place has been ravaged. I'm not even sure by what. There is a lot of natural damage such as the roof caving in from water damage. But all the walls are smashed up like scrappers had been through. It's a strange place for sure.

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  • huup

Something a bit different.

I've had an interest in abandoned places for quite sometime and having explored a few locations locally, I started daydreaming about an entire abandoned city, and what it would look like. I think the thought of an entire city devoid of habitation is incredibly interesting and in a way I'm sure all of you can appreciate, incredibly beautiful too. So, armed with a few rolls of film, some patience and a few cups of coffee, I woke up with the sun on a Sunday morning and tried to find my abandoned city. I'm fairly pleased with the results here, and thought you guys might appreciate what came out of my experiment.

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