July 20th, 2009


Golden Nugget - Abandoned Ride

In Wildwood NJ there was a ride called the Golden Nugget. Opened in 1960 and I closed in the 80's to be "reveived" for one year in 1997 then closed. It has been torn down to make way for a Roller Coaster, but before demolition they allowed people to walk around and veiw what was left. The tracks have been sold to an amusement park in Pennsylvania.

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Splendid China - Abandoned Amusement

In Kissimmee Florida there was a Chinese themed scenery park named Splendid China that used replica miniatures of famous Chinese buildings and scenes. . It opened in 1993 but due to poor tourism and public protests about there inaccurate portray of Chinese history eventually closed the park in 2003. I didn't go in due to high security and a $500.00 fine, but it has been a popular place for skateboarders who like to tear it apart.

These pictures were taken Dec. 2008 and everything is what you can see from the outside, sometimes with zoom from the camera. ;)


What you can see from the street:

What was once the entrance:

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