July 21st, 2009

26.04.09 Abandoned church...

Abandoned church...Very sadly... The State does not pay attention to this relic and an architecture masterpiece... Inside, columns, an altar, an input in a cellar, very beautifully... Outside tremendous twisted fence, a belltower altered in a Soviet period in a pumping station... And a cemetery on a backyard...
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The basement.

Though probably not abandoned by the definition most posts here follow, this place is certainly forgotten.

I attended this school for three years. In those three years, perhaps the only class I truly enjoyed was my art class. It was during that class that I discovered the basement. The school itself is comprised of two buildings - the newer main building (well, 1969 new) and the academy building, where I took these pictures. I believe the academy was built in 1881, though it may have been a couple years later.

It was a pretty neat experience to duck away from the life and chaos of the school day (it's an all girls school, just imagine the noise!) and enter this basement that essentially remains unknown, with the exception of the janitors and art staff. It contained broken religious relics and miscellaneous tschotskes that the school couldn't place elsewhere, but it was also clearly used by the art department in the past. There are kilns by the entrance, a room dedicated to finished ceramics, a closet full of heinous floral smocks, finished paintings, an unfinished stained glass project, and even a small photo developing room. It was quiet, stuffy, but I could still hear the day going on above me. It was a nice break, and gave me the detached, peaceful feeling that abandoned places often do, and for that reason I'm sharing it! :) I hope you enjoy.

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Abandoned cinema...

One more abandoned cinema. This time with the remained auditorium. An interesting place. How many forces and time were required to us, that in it to make the way) has not frightened neither white day, nor patrolmen cars, passers-by people with astonished faces. So. Abandoned cinema.
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Abandoned factory in southern Michigan

I've been visiting this place for a long time now. Until very recently, I haven't had a camera. But last week, some friends and I grabbed our cameras and ventured, once again, into the old stone fortress.
This post is VERY IMAGE HEAVY, please be aware of that.

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