July 22nd, 2009


Maryville Children's Center

This is more of a request for information. About two months ago I drove by the Maryville Children's Center in Chicago. It is located on Oak Park Ave. between Irving Park Rd and Forest Preserve Rd. It was pretty abandoned looking with swings and various other toys outside and I was very curious.

I drove by again yesterday and sadly the place has been torn down. Did anyone get a chance to visit the location or have any additional information? i've found very little about why they closed and the history.
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26.04.09 One old abandoned manor...

Very atmospheric manor interesting, 18th century... Probably, restoration, but not fast rates begins and spent, it was difficult to get inside, that it is not necessary (because of reconstruction top and ground floors), the grotto under manor also has been investigated. Very beautiful gate! A sunny day, all was super!
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