July 24th, 2009


Maxwell, NE

Tuesday me and the girls were coming back from Valentine down a deserted highway (see previous entry). We finally came to a small town. The "Visitor Center" was open. A thermos of coffee and styrofoam cups stood on a table along with some brochures, but no one was to be seen. There were these postcards, too -- of this wonderful hotel. We turned around and it was behind us. We had passed it. We finally found a sign of life -- a bar with two people, the bartender and one patron. This is a photo of the postcard and it is just how the place looked. Now I kept getting confused and turned around, although there was no reason to since the sun was shining brightly. You'll notice the two "guests" are drawn in.

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Book recommendation

Hello all!
I picked up this book the other day, and I thought I should recommend it to you, in case you want to pick it up from the library, or prominently display abandoness on your coffee table :P

Anyway, it's called RUIN: Photographs of a Vanishing America by Brian Vanden Brink. The photos are gorgeous!

Gibraltar Abandoned Military Installations

Recent trip to Gibraltar to see the wildlife and abandoned places, which are everywhere and easily accessible.

There's a bunchload of abandoned military facilities over there alongside assorted civilian buildings of various sorts.

Hope you enjoy.

Abandoned Military Base

Devil's Gap Battery Gun

Ceiling Hooks

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The complete set is here (includes photos of other stuff as well):

I've written about the trip here with more detail on some of the abandoned buildings, (also covers other aspects of the trip and doesn't focus on the abandonment/photography).