July 27th, 2009

Jack of All Trades

Abandoned Dublin

I didn't get too many pictures, though I wish I'd gotten more. 
In the middle of a fairly modern neighborhood, surrounded by thorns and weeds and what appeared to be a fence pieced together out of corrugated tin and scrap metal, was this abandoned house.
It still had beds, tons of books everywhere, old rusted keys, and a room lined with VHS tapes.
There appeared to have been a fire in the living room, but it otherwise gave no reason for abandonment.

We actually spent the night in the house, as we had no place to stay for the evening.
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Tawas dog

Abandoned mine site in the Keweenau peninsula of the Michigan UP

Hey there!

I've been busy and not posting much in the communities I'm in for a while, though I have been posting a few things in my personal journal. But since I have a few pictures together for today, I thought I'd cross post here.

Here's me being my typical (possibly not-so-bright) self, climbing an abandoned headframe at the Centennial No.6 mine in the Keweenau peninsula. (That's my arm waving at the top there. As always, you can click these pictures to be linked to the oringal on Flickr, then click 'all sizes' to see the full size version.)

I have some pictures of other old Keweenau mining sites I'll try and post too, when I get to them.

I Can See My House From Here!

These headframes sit between the winch house and the rockhouse. Cables ran from the winch up over the pulleys to the top of the rockhouse, then back down into the mine, where they served to haul skips loaded down with copper ore up to the top to dump their cargo into the rockhouse's hoppers. Then they were winched down into the shaft for their next load.

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