July 28th, 2009


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when I made this post a year ago, someone asked for a picture of the building in its current state. well, I finally found one.
it's pretty small, but it shows the entire building.

I may be egoistical, but my heart still bleeds every time I walk past it.
I mean, there are 4 beautiful old mansions in that street [you can see one of them in the picture, on the right], right next to each other. the other three have been restored to their original state, and are being used as cafés and living space, but they just HAD to ruin this one.

oh, and I just found some information on the house, as well as an inside picture of the house from ca. 1930, showing the builder and his wife:

It was built in 1913, shortly before WWI. It was the last of the houses to be built [the other three were built in 1889], which is why it was built in a completely different style [the others are more symmetrical, without any round shapes, and all built out of red bricks]. the builder lived there with his family until 1945, when the house was occupied by english troops. after the end of the occupation, it was given to the heirs of the builder, who lived there until the mid-90s. the place had been abandoned until 2004, when the renovation took place.