July 30th, 2009

Bounty Hunters Wanted

Who knew there was so much in the Tri-City area of Ontario! The Preston Springs hotel doesn't look abandoned from the outside, well except for the padlock across the front door and the plethora of No Trespassing Signs. Inside is a whole other story. The place has been bought and sold so many times because people wanting to restore her just run out of money, leaving it in a state of limbo.

Oh yeah, it's apparently haunted also.

Hotel in HDR

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Here's another picture from my trip to the Keweenau peninsula in Michigan's Upper Peninsula last weekend.

Stamp Sand Dunes at the Mohawk Stamp Mill Site, Gay, Michigan

This is the Lake Superior shoreline at the site of the Mohawk Stamp Mill.

Stamp mills processed ore removed from mines by pulverizing it with a series of machines to remove the copper. Copper was shipped to a smelting facility, while the rest, ground and smashed into a coarse-grained sand, was washed down into a body of water (Superior in this case).

This sand reaches about half a mile out past the original shoreline, sits in ten to fifteen foot dunes, and stretches literally miles down the shore, millions of tons of what used to be the underground rocks of the Keweenau, now become fill for artificial land. This material is completely inorganic; nothing grows in it. Standing here is uneartly, like being in a moonscape. And this mill hasn't operated in seventy years.

The concrete tunnel is the structure that once held a wooden launder, the chute that the stamp sand and water mixture from the mill was sluiced downward into Lake Superior through. As the shore of the lake filled up with waste sand, the chute was just extended further and further out over what had once been the lake waters.

Much fascinating information about this site is here at The Copper Country Explorer.
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Jacob's Ladder

Titan-1 Missile Silo in Moses Lake, Washington

Hi! I've been watching this community for a few months now, and it's pretty much the greatest thing ever. So thanks guys!

This is my first contribution. I went up to Moses Lake, Washington for ToorCamp, a hacker convention, which took place at an abandoned missile silo. The silo was built in the 70s and only in use for a few years before it was decommissioned. We actually had a fair amount of bullshit from the owner, but by the third day we were let into the silo to do workshops, and there were guided tours. I would say that in general, legitimately renting abandoned places is possibly more hassle than it's worth. Except that it was really pretty awesome down there.

I really didn't do it justice--you would need some serious equipment to do so. The silo itself was so enormous it was impossible to photograph with my little K1000. I've never wished for a fisheye lens harder. Anyway, so this is all on a Pentax K1000 and a ZXM, no flash, no tripod. One of my friends shot the whole thing in digital with a tripod, and he got some great shots. Here's one of me in one of the hallways, and here's one of my favorite long exposures.

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