August 3rd, 2009


Giralang Shops

Okay, so a few nights back I paid a visit to my local shops, which have been mostly deserted for a few years now. Short version, company bought up the shops, convinced people to leave because they wanted to build units, wasn't allowed to. Fought it for ages before giving up.

Took some photos the night I visited, but wanted to go back in daylight, and finally got there one afternoon this week.

There were a few stores, I went through them all, so there's a lot of pictures.

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Ghost Factories/White Elephants

NYT has a good article about the newly-abandoned automobile plants now found in several locations in the US.  There's a link to a slide show as well. What to do wth such plants, if anything, is far from obvious (other than explore them maybe some day!). Cheers.

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Abandoned Golf Course/Fun Park

This place is just a couple miles from my house. It shut down a couple years ago and has had minimal maintenance since. I wish I'd gotten these pictures before they took away the big plastic animals, but that was years ago. This was my very first adventure in urban exploration, i.e. trespassing, and I was jumpy as a cat the whole time, certain I was going to go to jail! This is also my first post here, though I've been lurking for months, so guidance is appreciated.

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