August 6th, 2009


Newton County, Mississippi

Recently I took a trip to Mississippi to visit family and take photos of sources for new paintings. I took over 600 photos of about a dozen different sites, but I'm only going to post one at a time.

Ages and ages ago, I posted to ask a question of the photographers in the community whether it would be okay if I used their photos for sources. While some people granted permission immediately, others expressed well-thought out concerns and I realized that it would be too much of a legal issue if the photographer later objected or demanded royalties. So I bought my own camera (Nikon d70, lightly used) and had my Father map areas and ask for permission from the owners. Astonishingly, everyone he spoke to allowed us onto their property without supervision.

This first house is just down the road from my Grandparents farm, and it has been abandoned since the mid 1970's, likely due to structural problems in the kitchen area. I'm astounded that it's still standing, and that the floor is sturdy enough to walk on.
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Online research describes this particular facility as a "communications systems business that develops secure communications technology systems for combat identification, military radar and civilian air traffic management." From 1946 to 1985, the property was owned and operated by an aviation corporation. In 1983 the aviation corp merged with a chemical and dye manufacturer. Then that new company allied with another in 1985 and began to focus mainly on the aerospace industry. In 1999 this company purchased another company that produced oil filters, spark plugs, and anti-freeze. They adopted their new companies name since it was a more well known brand.

I'd estimate this building was built in the 1980s during the initial merger. There is certainly nothing here that looks like it was left over from the 1940s. A real estate company bought this property in 2007 and by all appearances looks like they wanted to convert it into some kind of other office space. Not sure what happened between 2007 and now because this place is wrecked.

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