August 18th, 2009

Abandoned ships e.t.c.

Here you will see a many of the rusty, old and flooded ships. We walked on quay in the evening and in the afternoon, photos will be the different ships, one after another. At first the Turkish vessel beaten by water (by the end of our travel it have sawn), then - the former ship - cafe-bar, then any yacht and, at last, the giant from a cover and a mast of sunk tanker "Tuapse" and the ships on repair (or simply exposed on a land)

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save alice

Abandoned Church Camp..

in Southern California.  It's usually referred to as Camp Spooky.
I hope this hasn't been posted already (and if it has- oops! sorry i'm forcing it down your throats again)
My friend found it awhile ago and took a few of us up there.
It was an active church retreat until a flash flood happened on Christmas day in 2004.

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