September 4th, 2009

Abandoned manor...

Misters, before us ancient manor of one known count surname, perhaps, the unique thrown manor in Moscow, and that, now at last restored, I do not know, the truth as they plan to finish by January, but not an essence. The main thing, how it was simple to get here (in the summer, in the autumn is hardly more difficult) and as it was beautiful there. Certainly much manors is and it is more beautiful, but it was the first, and it all in this)

 (700x525, 175Kb)

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i hope this is alloud

i ws wondering if any one wanted to go food hunting with me so mayybe we could catch a ride to the nearbye abadonedments by chace a side tour. ive been hungry all day if u want to meet up i live near seattle. u might have to catch a taxi to meet me if u dont have a car but i have ALL the right places. and of course I WILL SHOW! ill bring all of my portfolios of pics i have taken. they will make u really excited before we go in too!