September 16th, 2009

  • iya_ua

Abandoned Polish pre WW II brick factory in Lviv (Ukraine)

I never realized there are internet communities for abandoned places photography. Once i discovered it i spent a couple of days just looking through other people's pictures, and only now made a break for uploading a couple of my own. This is the old pre war brick factory which now is abandoned and forms like the whole ghost district of my city. I discovered it accidentaly while trying to find a side-roads to avoid heavy traffic, that time i didn't have my camera with me, so i had to go there one more time to make those pictures

Паства, the Flock

"И не будет убежища пастырям и спасения вождям стада. Слышен вопль пастырей и рыдание вождей стада, ибо опустошил господь пажить их"

"And there will be no refuge to pastors and rescue to leaders of herd. The cry of pastors and sobbing of leaders of herd is audible. Because of the Lord has devastated their pasture "

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