September 24th, 2009


In the news - nature takes over in Detroit, MI

This came in from a friend and I had to share...hopefully it's is not a duplicate; I've had a nasty cold and haven't been online much. 
Half dozen outside shots of buildings going feral.  This must be what happened in Angkor Wat...


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Dear rhodamine,

This community is dedicated to "abandoned places", not "random pictures I took while walking around on railway tracks in the boroughs". You have this habit of posting solitary pictures of things that clearly aren't of abandoned places, and always with a link to a particular external web site that merely re-displays the whole photo. You're clearly not here on Livejournal to do anything other than drive traffic to a web site you co-own (I mean, that's all you use Wikipedia for, too, right?), and I'm positive that I'm not the only one here that is getting tired of your spamming. So please, knock it off.

For a sense of what we're collectively interested in around here, have a look at the recent amazing posts by shktgun, villy_barankin, dedushka_nomto, seventreehouses, and many others.


addendum, a day later: The person in question replied to quite a number of posts to people in this thread (40+ comments), then subsequently deleted his posts. I'll leave it to others to judge this user's ongoing anti-social behaviour, but it's clear there's no further use in leaving this post open for comments.

On banning rhodamine

Ladies and Gents,

This is the comments I sent rhodamine in his post showing two random train cars( before banning him. In a rare move, I'm locking comments to this post and ask that this simply die the ignominous death that the subject matter merits.


JJ MacCrimmon Wrote:
"And this qualifies as abandoned how exactly? Decayed yes, abandoned not really... Remember we've had this discussion before."

rhodamine Replied:
"except for me, the occasional graf writer or crackhead and the bi-weekly trash train, this is about one of the most abandoned spots there is in all of brooklyn. i cant imagine why it would, but if my photo disturbs you for some reason, im sorry i guess!"

JJ MacCrimmon Tactically nuked:
"Not a good enough reason or explanation. I've put up with your random photos because they've filled dead-spots in the community when the legit photographers and explorers are between photo essays. You continue to simply post things which neither have explanations or obvious natures of abandonment.

Put very simply (as others have noted) - this is a site for "abandoned places".

If there's a question of the abandonedment, 99% of the posters here will put an explanation or additional photos to show the nature of the beast. When I, the usually mellow moderator ask you or caution you about it, I get the bitchy artist attitude that no-one understands you. DUDE, reality check, I'm the moderator and if you don't make sense or tell me that I'm S.O.L. then you're out of luck. Farewell, you're outta here..!"