September 25th, 2009

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The Amalgamated Sugar Company

White Satin/The Amalgamated Sugar Co. in Loveland, CO.

After a ridiculous amount of research, I can't find anything about the history of this place. All we know is that it was once a sugar factory, and the trains that go through town once ran beside it on a regular basis. Now these tracks are overgrown, and we may be purchasing the property half of the factory sits on to use the old silos for storage space.

I plan on returning with better shoes in the near future, and perhaps sneaking onto the half of the factory that I couldn't get to last time.

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I'll post more photos when I next visit the property! 

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Abandoned Places – Forgotten Maritime Warehouse

Tucked away on the Tennessee River is the remains of a former US Corps of Engineers maritime dock. As the area, was turned over to the city of Huntsville, the warehouse and fueling station became a forgotten part of a city park and riverwalk. Since the city had not use for it, the buildings were closed up and left to decay.

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