September 29th, 2009


Abandoned coal mine

Mine was engaged in mining brown coal. Represents a fairly large range of different built, such as for example the production department, administration and others. Abandoned for almost the entire territory, to get to it is not difficult. You can explore all that you see before you.
Abandoned in the 2000-02 period. Production stopped because of its unprofitable. Then filled in the face, well, then mine just left.

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Abandoned Places – Two for one

Near Huntsville and the Tennessee River, mere decay and abandonment sometimes are hard to tell apart. Sometimes old places are salvaged from the grave and other times, they are stubborn about heading into it.. Others are merely in a state of suspended animation. The first site is a former grocery store. At the time we visited it in June, the building was unkempt, overgrown with weeds and yet it had to feel of a place waiting to be brought to life again.

”The Leon Lipscomb Grocery”

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