October 4th, 2009


Old Pub

I have a couple of posts I made to my LJ last year from a trip to Nile (small town in northern Tasmania) that might be of interest to this community so I'll repost them here. The first one is the only two storey building in the town, the former pub.


Now, I'm told it was built in the 1850s, by Edward Ayton, but whether he was responsible for it being built or ever owned it, I don't remember and we don't really care, I'm sure. In 1860 I have it listed as being owned by the Camerons (who still own it) with Edward as the occupier.

After that, the license passed through various hands until the last one was issued in 1926, and the hotel was closed. When the family moved out, they appear to have done so in a hurry. My grandmother told us that they threw stuff, such as bed heads, out of the window to get rid of them. She was born "in the room up there". She did point it out, but being a kid, I didn't take a lot of notice. Her father was the last innkeeper, and her grandparents before that.

I've seen a mention that it had an adjoining skittle alley. I have no idea where that was. It was known, if not officially, as the 'Cameron Arms" and I'm told the sign had a hand or arm on it.

Hotel, side

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