October 6th, 2009


First Post - Almaden Radar Facility, South Bay

Recently taken on a trip to the Almaden Radar Facility in the South Bay Area. Abandoned in the late '80s, hasn't been visited very much since. Long, long hike and some serious altitude to get to the top, lots of fences and big, bright signs telling people to go away. But, once inside, one of the best abandoned military facilities that I've gone to yet, lots of stuff left that hasn't been scrapped yet. There's a nuclear fallout shelter that can hold a significant number of people there, too, but weren't able to access it on that trip. We were just lucky to get into the tower, subsequent trips to the site have found it locked up tight.

Might post more, might not. Don't know yet. Skaggs Island is next up. Maybe you'll see it here.

More pics can be found here, if you don't care about some people pics and some irrelevance mixed in. :P
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OK, not in the mood tonight

I have broncitis and am not in the mood to deal with people trying to troll in this community. The person stirring up the community is banned. For the folks offering help thank you, but I'm going to hold off on adding more maintainers. It was a matter only two hours between the post going up, being notified and nuking the problem child.

Only two people contacted me but there were over 70 replies or comments to the original troll posting. Come on folks, contact the mods if you suspect someone is just there to cause trouble. Why? I actually document it to send to other mods on occasion or to send to LJ Admin. Also this community has consistently shown a great deal of maturity, savy and smarts in dealing with trolling attempts. Don't let them think they are getting a rise.

Sintra, Portugal

Hi all, first time poster here! Though I've been monitoring the community for quite some time, I don't remember of ever seeing any pics from Portugal around here. So here are some.

The first two are from an abandoned government office for the maintenance of the roads.
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The third is the front of a very tall building I think it was an hotel, because it looks like it and its on a very touristical region.
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All the pics were taken in Sintra, Portugal.

City of Ember

Trip #5 to this old power plant. This time I decided to try and explore parts I have never been to as much as possible. Found some new things and figured out how the old things connected. This was the first time I actually saw scrappers inside. I had heard they came at night to steal metal. But there were a ton of them during broad daylight now. It is an odd relationship the scrappers have with the explorers. Both of us rather not have the other around but we kind of mutually agree that we won't call the cops if you don't...

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