October 15th, 2009

fire bad

found this on a drive along lake michigan around grafton, WI, south of port washington. ALMOST kept driving. NO, back up and get out for pics and a closer look. it looks like it was devastated by fire about 1970 or so by the newish stove. still solid brickwork and walls. they don't make grout like they used to.
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In town

This is where I used to live....sorry for the quality it's a screen cap from a video I took

The open building next to it is like the only building open in the area....


First post - flats scheduled for demolition.

Every morning that I go into work, commuting up from South London, the train passes a block of flats that have obviously been closed down for demolition. The remaining curtains flap through broken windows, and glimpses of the room decor are visible, too. So I've been intending to locate it and head down with my camera at some point.

Some swift detective work online (following the train tracks in GoogleMaps' satellite view, then going to StreetView to confirm the location), and I had a street name. On Sunday I programmed it into my SatNav and headed up with the camera and had a wander around.

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