October 22nd, 2009


Philly's PRR Steam Plant IMPLOSION November 8th, 2009

The long abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad Steam Plant in Philadelphia is going to be imploded...

"The old PRR steam plant (now owned by Amtrak), located next to 30th Street Station in downtown Philadelphia, is in its last month of existence. At 7:30am on Sunday, November 8 (back-up date November 15), the plant's towering chimney, a landmark behind Penn Coach Yard for over 70 years, will be dynamited and dropped by Controlled Demolition, Inc. into a narrow opening between the CSX high-line viaduct and the SEPTA tracks.

All rail service on SEPTA and Amtrak will be halted for the implosion, as will traffic on local streets and nearby Interstate 76 (the Schuylkill Expressway). Unlike typical building implosions, this one will direct the chimney to rotate and drop sideways like a redwood attacked by a chainsaw. Charge-up the cameras: this promises to be a fine show."


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Trains, Part 2

Heya all,

Thank you for making me feel so welcome here! I loved reading everyone's responses to my last post, and I really appreciated everyone sharing their knowledge of old trains with me. :-)

There were a lot of requests for extra pictures in the last post, and I responded to most with more photos. But since you all seemed interested, I thought I'd post a few more from that set. I apologize if these are less interesting than the last set. I've been watching this community for almost a year, and I feel very out of my league among some of you, with your many amazing photos.

This time, I tried to post more detailed and close-up photos. Most of these are from inside the cars, and I highlighted more of the old fashioned and/or damaged things I'd come across.

several rusty old trains strung together.

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