October 26th, 2009

Finland. Hanko, Harparskog Line

March 12, 1940 Winter War ended. Finland was fain to yield a big part of it's territory in south Karelia and Hanko peninsula also. It was rented by USSR for naval base.
Planning of the fortifications begun March 29, 1940. It was decided to construct defence line close to the border of the rented area of Hanko Cape. Harparskog Line should cover the Hanko peninsula neck and coastal line from Sommarö to Bredvick.
December 4, 1941 Soviet naval base was evacuated and Hanko siege ended.

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Rubber Soul

This is an old set. One year ago to the date actually. The story goes that I was supposed to meet up with a friend who lived near here and go exploring. However he had to call out after I had already gotten in the area. So I decided to at least go take some exterior shots. That turned into me at least trying to get past the plywood they put over the doors. That turned into me maybe taking a peek upstairs. Then of course one thing led to another and 2 hours of solitude later I had gone through the whole place. My basic photographic technique at this point is not much different than what I do now. However my post-processing in Photoshop was way overdone. So I decided to go back and redo all of these. It just so happened today of all days was the one year anniversary of my trip here. What a coincidence. By the way this was an old rubber factory. They used to make small tires for things like trailers and wheelbarrows. Not sure if they ever made anything for automobiles or not...

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