November 9th, 2009

sophie likes treats

A request.

If this is not appropriate, I will hastily delete. I don't have much opportunity to explore abandoned places, but I really enjoy all of the wonderful photos the members of this community have posted.

I was wondering, for any of you members in and around Philly, if anyone happened to catch the implosion of the Philly PRR steam plant yesterday? I was hoping to find a video of it or something but haven't had any luck.

Thank you in advance!

And here is a very small contribution (like I said, I don't have much opportunity to explore abandoned places...which sucks!), just so this isn't text-only.

This is a house I pass on the bike path I ride on. I've been trying to summon up the courage to get a bit closer, but it's kind of out in the open and since I'm usually alone on my bike trips, haven't been brave enough.

It's unfortunate that LiveJournal and this community didn't exist in the mid-90s. On the street I grew up on in rural South Jersey there was an abandoned house. The first couple of years we lived there, it was inhabited by a reclusive older man who had apparently lived there for a very long time. One day in 1995 he just up and left...practically disappeared. My brothers, our neighbors and I would explore the house. It was pretty crazy, the house seemed to be stuck in time. It was decorated in that 60s-70s style of orange, green, and yellow, and had a retro TV and kitchen appliances. Even older spice bottles from maybe the 70s. The man had literally left pretty much everything in the house...we found old phone books, bills, letters, postcards, and church bulletins. There was even an old car in the garage in the back yard. I'm not sure if the car ran, but someone stole it, somehow. The neighborhood kids (myself included) pretty much destroyed the house, which I regretted for a long time. My best friend's brother and his friends turned it into a home base for playing paintball, since the house was surrounded by woods.

They tore down the house several years ago to develop the land, which was pretty sad. My stepmother, around 1996 or 97, even attempted to contact someone to find out about buying the house, but never got a response.