November 15th, 2009


Philadelphia: PRR Steam Plant Implosion

Made the early morning trek up to Philly to see this go down. I got there about an hour before it went down and staked out a spot. I was the first person on the block but even minutes after I got there people began to pour into the streets. I got a better spot for my video camera than even the lady from Controlled Demolition International (the people bringing down the stack) did. She was probably pissed. They did a poor job of giving people a signal when this was going to go down. The news said 7:30. Than the CDI lady said 7:45. It actually went down around 7:47. They usually let off a siren or something when it is about to happen but they didn't do anything. My video camera was acting up about 6 seconds before this happened and thankfully it started filming right at this second. I didn't even have to edit this video at all. It was perfect timing...

While I was waiting I saw something that looked like a giant rat go under this Jeep. Some people and I walked over to take a look. We saw it was an opossum. Later on the opossum walked across the street through the crowd of people and dug under the fence and started walking towards the implosion. I don't think he even made it to the tracks but wherever he was I'm sure he got a rude awakening.