November 23rd, 2009

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Lucky Strikes Factory

A long time ago I used to explore old abandoned houses. I eventually found out about the Lucky Strikes Factory in Richmond, VA and was able to make my way in.

The factory has now been renovated into luxury condos. It used to be full of asbestos and was a fairly creepy place to be in.

This photo set is from November 25, 2005. I was recently going through an old external hard drive and stumbled across them and thought I would share.

Lucky Strikes Factory - Richmond Virginia

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Will Turner

Nickelodeon backs out of Six Flags New Orleans Deal

So, it seems our old friend Six Flags New Orleans will remain abandonded. As of 2 weeks ago, Nickelodeon backed out of a deal with Southern Star Amusements that would have convered the defunct park into a Nickelodeon themed park. This just adds more and more to my theory that the property is cursed. The company hoping to work with Nickelodeon is a new company with very little proof they can handle such a huge undertaking. Here are some articles/ pictures to get you interested.

Solitary Confinement...

There is an abandoned prison outside of Atlanta that I visit pretty regularly and the last time I went I brought along one of my best friends who also models for me. This is one of my favorite shots we took in one of the solitary confinement cells.

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