November 28th, 2009


Abandoned in Italy

abandoned structure with Fall Warning sign

My first post, so let me know if I'm doing it wrong.

The photo above is linked to a flash gallery on my website that contains about 70 photographs of an abandoned structure here in Italy, just North of Rome. I'm not sure what the building's use was, but it did have a lot of interesting things in it.
The gallery starts with 2 abandoned car shots in there, and then 3 of a road flyover from Rome which shouldn't be there, but I hope no-one is too upset as the following 66 are all in the one abandoned location.
The (Lightroom) gallery is just that, no adverts or even any links into my website itself, it takes 20 seconds or so to load up the pics but then it's pretty quick.

For my next post I'll link the pictures directly in the post, but I don't have time right now, but I thought you might be interested in the pictures as they are.

The camera was a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D with a couple of zooms, and the pics were taken a couple of years ago. I went "artistic" on them in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Thanks for looking, Paul.