December 6th, 2009

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These pictures were taken just outside of Trona, CA. Trona is a tiny desert town 30 miles northeast of Ridgecrest.. pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The road to Trona is narrow and riddled with potholes and deserted, which definitely sets a certain mood for the trip. Trona itself is mostly abandoned. This trip was actually a split-second decision made as the sun was setting so we (myself, inneedofescape, and her boyfriend who also took pictures) didn't get a lot of exploration time but we did take some pictures of a "neighborhood" right on the outskirts.. basically two houses that were inhabited (but barely looked it..) surrounded by abandoned houses. I joked that the natives would run out and chase us off with rifles but all they did was wave to us from their houses while a huge dog watched us from a makeshift chickenwire-fenced yard.

Prior to us coming here, we had made a day of exploring a nearby abandoned prison in Boron.. pictures of that trip will be posted tomorrow maybe.

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