December 7th, 2009


Hello group.
I have a question to ask all of you...

There are some places I wish to post here, however I do not wish to disclose their names.
All the historical information will be included and factual, but I would like to use an alias.
Additionally, if I make a post in which I am using an alias, I will state it up-front.

My reasoning for this is that I recently made an entry about a location
(not on here, on my myspace page)
which was taken and posted to an "Urban Explorers" website.
The location was then ransacked...
The entry has since been removed from the site, but the damage is done.

I now feel guilty to have brought such damage to this place I wrote about.
A place, which until I photographed it, sat safely and quietly in the woods.
My feeling are that if I'm doing a dis-service to the location, then what I am doing is counter-productive.
I wish to share these places out of respect to them, and the history they represent.
Most, if not all, of you here treat these places with a high regard.
This is made obvious by the passion in which you all write, be it as a post or comment.
I greatly enjoy the feeling of "community" here, and hope my inquiry does not offend anyone...

Just wanted input. If it is a problem I will simply not post the locations.

Also, I forgot to post this image with my Bennett School entry.
Which is a shame, because it's my favourite exterior shot...

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Enchanted Forest and Thistle Mill

I took a trip up to Elicott City early on Saturday morning. The weather and the hour made it a perfect time for exploring. We hardly saw a soul! Unfortunately, the rain also got the camera lens wet and messed up the quality of the photos. I hope you'll enjoy them anyway!

Our first stop was to Enchanted Forest, an abandoned nursery-rhyme themed amusement park. My dad actually visited this park as a kid, so he got a kick out of seeing it in its current state. These photos are all courtesy of a talented friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

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