December 14th, 2009

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I'm not sure if anyone is any good at going through old posts, but summer/sprinf of 2008 I posted pictures of Thornwald Mansion? It was a pretty popular post. I'm hoping someone could find it for me.

I wasn't able to take pictures past the fence, and didn't want to "break in". I contacted the city and they've gotten me in touch with the owner. I am hoping to show her the post I did here, and the positive feedback I got here from the community so that maybe she would let me take some more pictures, this time inside the fence, possibly in the Mansion? Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

First Post

Hello abandoned places fans!

I have been following this community for a while now and I am amazed by the awsome photographs one can find here!
This is my first post and I am sharing photos of an abandoned LORAN Station - located the Santa Maria island, Azores, Portugal. It was a Longe-Range Navigation Station operated by NATO, deactivated and in ruins since 1980.

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