December 19th, 2009

Abandoned Disney - The Lodge

The Lodge at the magic kingdom - if it were to be abandoned (which we problem won't see in out lifetime) textures by: before I am aware of the problems with posting these in the past, if you have a problem and it does go agents the rules then it shall be deleted. Collapse )

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This is part two of gynocide and I's roadtrip to Trona.. part one I posted yesterday, of our brief stop in Garlock, CA. Once we got into Trona we decided to stop at the Pinnacles for sight-seeing but the 8 mile unpaved dirt road didn't seem like much fun to me.. even with 4x4. We still got some nice views of the Pinnacles though.

Anywho.. one of the first abandoned buildings that can be seen while driving through Trona is an abandoned gas station.. not a very welcoming sight.

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