December 30th, 2009


Dolly Parton - sorta abandoned-

kay, this was once a Dolly Parton based dinner Show in Orlando Florida, however, it closed 2 years ago and recently reopened as a Flea Market that isnt quite ready to be open.

They made no repairs to the building and the way the building is being used it is reminiscent of an end of the world/fallen and reconstructed society films. It was cool and much of the building is still not in use. Some more photos inside..

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Little Stone Houses

I have been eyeing this cute little houses for a while now. They sit near the mountain resort where my husband works in rural VA. I dropped him off at work this morning so I could have the car for the day, and took the opportunity to snap a few photos. I didn't linger very long because it was bitterly cold, my fingers were aching even through my mittens as I walked around taking pics with the car idling. I'd really like to go back when the weather is better. This is one of the rare locales where I think my two little boys could run around while I take photos, which is what prevents me from photographing many other abandonments I come across.

Anyway, there are three buildings, all of them made of stone. One seems to be some sort of storage building, and the other two are like miniature houses. Here is the storage building, which has a lone chimney next to it.

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