January 7th, 2010

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Question to the Assemblage.

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I was in Reno late last year and noticed that the Fitzgerald Casino had been closed. I was wondering if there were any photos of it or if anyone had attempted to photograph it. I think it would be an interesting site to explore. But that is just my opinio

Sleep well, and take thy rest...

Hello again community, I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday.

For this entry I am going in a different direction than usual.
These images were taken at an old school for handicapped children.
I have given the location the title "School of Light and Shadow"...
What sets it apart from my norm is that I photographed these while the place is being torn down.

I tend to stay away from things like this.
Usually I try to capture photos of locations that have avoided any damage by human actions.
I enjoy how things happen in nature, and how the bits of wild slowly crawl back into a place.

I was actually inspired to so this by an entry made here, in this community.
It was titled "The Death of Transfiguration", posted by thehoodwatch
The entry was about the "death" of a church, caught literally in it's last moments.
I felt a sense of pity for the thing, sitting there missing pieces, awaiting it's final blows.

So, here's my own take on a similar subject...

History on this place is very vague, I spent hours researching it and dug up but a few sentences.

It seems that it was built with the intention of being a school for disabled children,
both mental and physical. The presence of hydrotherapy tubs reinforces this information.
Further research disclosed that a Dr. Harry C. Storrs was appointed as superintendent of the school on July 1, 1930.
This is interesting because Dr. Storrs had been the first assistant physician at Letchworth Village since December 1919...

Present day the school campus lays abandoned in a field.
At least half of the structures are gutted completely, any items of value having been scrapped.
This includes all the steel doors and windows...
In fact we had to avoid the scrappers while filming, and though we kept a good distance away from them,
we could hear their machinery in the background our entire time there.

These skeleton structures have a surreal look and feel to them, half building and half open-air.
The low winter sun cast long shadows across the decaying floors, now left open to the elements.
Leaves blow through hallways that, until recently, were sealed with stale air and the smell of rot.

This is the school's final stage, it's last form before disappearing forever.
I hope my photos and our video serve as a fitting eulogy...

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