January 10th, 2010

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Hi! I thought this would be the place to get an answer for this, and that you lot would be interested in it if we could turn up some links or photos.  What I'm looking for is something I saw years ago on Jarvis Cocker's outsider art tv program.  It was a strange construction built out in a forest/jungle somewhere. I only half remember it, but I think a rich eccentric went out there with the intention of building himself a house, but he just kept building strange things like rooms you couldn't get into, stairs to nowhere etc.   And now it's all being overgrown by trees and plants.  It was beautiful and magical!  I hope someone here knows more details about it, like where it is, or maybe could point us towards some photos?

Royal Hotel (Kogen Hotel) Ruins, near Nakagusuku Castle, Okinawa, Japan

I took a trip to this site this morning.  It is quite near a UNESCO world heritage site of a centuries old castle.  The backstory of the hotel is here, on my personal blog, but essentially it was visualized as a theme park/hotel complex in the late 70s, early 80s, by a Japanese businessman.  He built on the site against the wishes of monks from a nearby temple and warnings from locals.  There are many abandoned tombs and a sacred cave close to the building site.  During the course of construction, many workers were injured and killed in accidents and they refused to work there.  The businessman claimed the site was not haunted and vowed to sleep there every night until work was finished.  He lasted three days and then went insane.  He was according to some stories, committed to an asylum on the island or alternately, committed suicide.  The ruins are all that is left, a dizzying labyrinth of decaying guestrooms, stairs leading to nowhere, and a mysterious tower, surrounded by jungle full of overgrown tombs and a cave leading to the underworld.

What the site looks like from the nearby castle:

Royal Hotel Ruins Visit III

The rest of the photos are in my Flickr set here.

Warehouse (Lovejoy Wharf) in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This is an abandoned warehouse (I think?) in the North End, across the Zakim Bridge/93 from TD Banknorth Garden, on Lovejoy Place (in between Zakim Bridge and Charlestown Bridge). There were plans to develop the site, building condos (with the name Lovejoy Wharf), but as far as I know the project was canned and the building is possibly being sold (anyone have any info?). These photos were taken last summer. Sorry for the poor quality.

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